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"You should just love these people. And love endures everything"

Victor Liapin  "Gentlemen, Comrades, Bastards and Ladies"

Victor Liapin is a Russian playwright who has written 15 plays and published three books of plays: Whoosh, Beatrice, 1999; Hippo’s dreams, 2000; Have loved - Have lost - Have believed, 2001. He is also the author of a book of poetry, The lights on the far shore, published in 1990. Victor’s plays have been produced in Australia, Albania, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Russia. 
His play "Funny alien sorrow" was a winner of the Soros Foundation competition and staged in Theatre of Comedy (Nizhny Novgorod) in 1997. Another play, "Hippo's dreams" was produced in New South Wales University Theatrical Society (Sydney, Australia), Theatre of Academy of Art, Tirana (Albania), Theatre "Divadlo Zlin" (Czech Republic) and across Russia. "Gentlemen, comrades, bastards and ladies" was produced in Berlin’s Chekhov theatre (Germany), in Targovishte Theatre (Bulgaria), in TUZ of Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan), in Odessa Theatre (Ukraine), in Pleven Theatre (Bulgaria) and in many theatres of Russia. His play "The Pigeon" took part in the festival “Open scene” of Union of Theatre Workers of the Russian Federation and was staged during the festival in Theatre of Comedy (Nizhny Novgorod, 2011). The play was later produced in Mirninsky Theatre of Drama (Russia, Sakha Republic, 2013), Motiginsky Theatre of Drama (Russia, 2013) and Targovishte Theatre (Bulgaria, 2018).

 "Gentlemen, Comrades, Bastards and Ladies" (directed by Dimo Deshev, Bulgaria, Pleven Theatre) - Special prize European Theater Festival (city Slivnitsa, October, 2018)

…When I understood that I loved you, honey, 
When I understood that I love you more than my life, 
Above all that can be loved – 
The children, the gods, the gold and the acacias – 
I dreamed neither about pastures of Heaven with apples of honey, 
Nor the autumn fields with flavor of wilting, 
I dreamed about the happy eyes of Minotaur, 
Betrayed by Ariadne, betrayed by the gods, 
Betrayed by the all, betrayed by the fate, 
The happy eyes of Minotaur, 
Awaiting  a strike Minotaur, 
The happy eyes of Minotaur, 
The deathful eyes of Minotaur.
"The happy eyes of Minotaur"
“Gentlemen, Comrades, Bastards and Ladies”, the comedy
…different directors, theatres, countries… 
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